Wooden table for customers lớn experience products, shops selling specific devices such as iPhone, iPad, iPod, Mac computers.

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Wooden table for customers to lớn experience products, shops selling specific devices such as iPhone, iPad, iPod, Mac computers. Those are the recognizable characteristics of an "Apple" cửa hàng in Saigon.

Shops specializing in selling Mac items are increasing in HCMC. (Photo: Quoc Huy) .

Running along the big streets lượt thích Nam Ky Khoi Nghia, Road 3/2, Vo Van tan . It can be seen that the shops affixed the apple logo on the streets of Saigon, especially, concentrated in the areas centers of districts 1, 3 và 10.

The Apple-style stores appeared from Vietnam about 4 years ago, but especially expanded from the time when the trend of using "Mac goods " appeared more. IPhone, iPad và MacBook computers are the main characters in this movement.

Quang Hung, managing a store on 3/2 street, said that building a specialized point of selling táo khuyết products with its layout is quite simple. The store owner easily asks for its certificate through channels in nước australia and Hong Kong.

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According to nhị Linh, an hãng apple gamer, there are no hãng apple Store-sized stores like China, the US or Europe . There are mostly small shops like Store Corner và iStore."If táo apple clearly sets the table, size, color, then in Vietnam, many points are said to be still quite confusing for the iStore, only a few have a good design."

There are many different models of táo sales, spontaneous & official. (Photo: Quoc Huy) .

Also according lớn Mr. Linh, the hãng apple Store overseas is considered a "cathedral" for Mac players, not only a selling point, "Apple" also builds as a unique art work.

Meanwhile, Mr. Hung said that most of the shops appearing in Ho chi Minh đô thị appear spontaneously, like the iStore, táo bị cắn dở Store, but most of them sell portable products. The official number of licensed và sold stores by táo khuyết in Saigon only counts on the fingertips.

According lớn Ms. Hanh, FPT"s iStore manager at Vincom (Le Thanh Ton, District 1), the purchase of products in official iStore, users enjoy the benefits of better warranty, besides the guaranteed & in-stock goods. When outside selling points are often warranted as a store.

Other shippers all agree that genuine iStore sellers still sell their products on the táo route, so hot products such as ipad tablet 2 and iPhone 4 are still unable lớn go on sale, while points of sale This hàng hóa has appeared soon.

Apple iStore Premium model

iStore at Vincom is considered one of the largest genuine táo bị cắn dở selling points in Saigon.

The layouts are similar khổng lồ the táo selling points, tables và chairs are imported.

macbook laptops are products that are officially sold in Vietnam.

The trend of becoming a follower of táo in Vietnam has developed strongly in recent years.

MacBooks are early devices with new products.

Meanwhile, ipad tablet computers at genuine selling points are new generation first.