Bảng h world cup 2018

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japan is stupid, cowardly, and deserved to get eliminated from the World Cup Brazil built their team around Neymar, but Coutinho has been the star so far What the hell was that, Germany?

Unbelievable. For the first time in the history of the World Cup, a team has advanced on the fair play tiebreaker. Senegal and japan finished level on points, goal differential, goals scored and head-to-head, but japan finished with four bookings to lớn Senegal’s six.

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No team has ever gone out of the World Cup on Fair Play, but that’s what’s about lớn happen to lớn Senegal if there are no more goals, or if japan doesn’t get two more yellow cards. As it stands, japan have four bookings khổng lồ Senegal’s six.

The #JPN vs #POL is amazing. #JPN, clearly aware of the outcome right now, is sitting deep & not even attempting a hard or physical challenge on its opponent, knowing full well two bookings are the difference.

— Luis Miguel Echegaray (

GOAL Yerry Mina! Colombia 1-0 Senegal

Huge twist here thanks khổng lồ a well-executed Colombia corner. This goal means that Senegal and nhật bản are tied on everything — goals scored, goal differential và head-to-head. That means we’re heading khổng lồ the fair play tiebreaker, and as it stands, japan is winning that with fewer bookings. Madness.

Here’s Mina’s excellent goal:

#MundialTelemundo ¡Gol que sabe a 8vos. De Final! Yerry Mina anota y tiene al frente a #COL sobre #SEN . Lo sigues por

GOAL Jan Bednarek! Poland 1-0 Japan

Finally, some drama! japan has gone behind, & as a result, drops lớn third place. Colombia moves up to lớn second if results hold, while Senegal would win the group. Kiểm tra out this volley from Bednarek, which is quite impressive by central defender standards.

#MundialTelemundo ¡Se abre el marcador en la Arena Volgograd! Jan Bednarek pone al frente a #POL sobre #JPN ¿Felices en #COL? Lo sigues por

Halftime scores: Senegal 0-0 Colombia, nhật bản 0-0 Poland

I was told we’d have madness. Where’s the madness? Everything is as it started in Group H, & as it stands, Colombia is going out of the tournament.

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James Rodriguez injury: Colombia star substituted

Oh no, this isn’t what anyone wanted lớn see. James Rodriguez has been limping for a while, and he’s decided he can’t play on in the 31st minute. His foot appears khổng lồ be hurting, và he’s walked straight down the tunnel after coming off. Luis Muriel replaces him.

Senegal penalty taken away by VAR

It looked like Davinson Sanchez had fouled Sadio Mane in the box, but take a closer look at the replays — he actually got all ball. It’s an incredible play, và thankfully we had VAR khổng lồ get it right.

#MundialTelemundo ¿Fue o no fue penal sobre Sadio Mané? El VAR le dice que no a #SEN. Síguelo EN VIVO a través de

Group H live standings

This table will be updated as goals are scored

Through lớn the Round of 16: Colombia, Japan

Group H table

Team Points Goal Diff. Goals Scored Team Points Goal Diff. Goals Scored
Colombia 6 3 5
Japan 4 0 4
Senegal 4 0 4
Poland 3 -3 2

Senegal vs. Colombia lineups

Carlos Sanchez has returned to lớn Colombia’s midfield after his suspension, despite a good performance by Wilmar Barrios in their last game. Senegal have made three changes, including the introduction of Balde Keita up top.

Japan vs. Poland lineups

Japan has made the stunning decision khổng lồ make six changes, dropping all of its goal scorers from this World Cup. They only need a draw khổng lồ progress, but winning the group will get them into the easier side of the bracket, so this is a very curious decision.

A huge day in Group H...TEAM NEWS (1/2) // #JPNPOL #WorldCup pic.twitter.com/3ti1MOX1O4

— FIFA World Cup (

In the last day of the group stage, Group H kicks off play for Thursday with both matches at 10 a.m. ET. Japan faces Poland at the Volgograd Arena in Volgograd, Russia, while Senegal competes against Colombia at the Samara Arena in Samara, Russia.

Follow along here for the live blog of key moments & score updates as Japan, Senegal, và Colombia all fight for a spot in the knockout stage.


How World Cup group stage tiebreakers work Scenarios for every World Cup team that can still reach the Round of 16

There are a lot of possible outcomes for this group of which teams will advance.

All three teams could advance to lớn the next stage with a win. Both nhật bản and Senegal can also advance with a draw against their opponents, while Colombia could advance with a draw if Poland beats Japan. Nhật bản could still advance with a loss if Senegal beats Colombia, or Colombia beats Senegal by a greater margin in goals. Senegal could also still advance with a loss if nhật bản loses khổng lồ Poland by a greater margin in goals.

Poland is eliminated from moving on the knockout stage because of it lack of points và two losses.