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Instead of relying on faceless, typed-out text, helps you communicate more effectively by sending personal videos.

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Today, most business communication happens through faceless text. But relying too much on the written word makes it hard for your message to come across the right way.

When you communicate through text alone,it"s hard khổng lồ build real relationships.

That"s because...

Typing out your ideas takes longer, & it"s harder khổng lồ convey trust & empathy. Text lacks nuance & emotion, leaving your message open to misunderstanding. Text is easily forgotten - or even ignored. Our brains are wired khổng lồ remember faces.

If you keep relying on text, how will your messages be received the way you intended?




If you believe that you’d benefit from getting face lớn face with more people, more often, then it’s time lớn rehumanize your business with

What is’s software lets you record & skết thúc videos directly to lớn anyone from your computer or smartphone (iOS và Android). No special software or cameras required. If you know how to lớn skết thúc an email, you can sover a đoạn Clip with

Record your face, your screen, or both.

Skết thúc videos wherever you already skết thúc text và gmail.

See who played your Clip, và when.

Share your video liên kết anywhere.

Start a không tính phí trial

Of course, you’re better face to lớn face.

But time and distance don’t always allow for that. With, your messages can be as personal, effective, & engaging as a face-to-face meeting - no schedulingrequired.

The most reliable và secure đoạn Clip messaging software. customers sover over 100,000 videos every day.

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Let’s talk metrics...I’ve seen a proven increase in my sales conversions. It’s great as a differentiator.

Nick T.

Venture Capital Associate Partner

I"ve been able to save sầu time & communicate better where a written email would have sầu taken longer or not been able lớn communicate the nuance of my message.

Logan L.

Director of Podcast Partnerships

I love sầu being able to lớn send personalized videos within my Gmail trương mục. Having a 3 second GIF playing of the đoạn Clip makes them very clickable.

Jeffrey A.

Sales Manager of Business Development

Awesome công nghệ & the best khung of communication there is for sales people, probably for anyone trying lớn establish a relationship with a new acquaintance!!

Robert T.

Real Estate Broker

People phản hồi how they love sầu a personalized video clip. I can send videos of cars, and explain something on my computer screen such as a vehicle"s detail page!

Amber Z.

Automotive sầu Internet Sales Manager

In the recruitment industry, it feels lượt thích everyone is always trying to lớn be the most innovative sầu, or provide the most value, or give sầu you the leg up on competition in any way possible. does all of the above.

Becca R.

Recruitment and Staffing Consultant

We’re here to guide you tosuccess.

Our success coaches will personally walk you and your team lớn success with đoạn Clip.

We have sầu a world-class tư vấn staff at your fingertips (with a 97% CSAT score).