The links system will let players grind for characters by completing missions & by using gold coins.
Free Fire MAX’s login servers will be down for a few hours on account of server maintenance. Garena is preparing for the new OB33 update which will include a few new features added lớn the game. The update will bring a huge change khổng lồ Garena free Fire Max with the new links System. The link System allows you lớn unlock all không tính tiền Fire characters without diamonds. Players may not be able khổng lồ login to lớn their tài khoản during the patch. However, không tính tiền Fire MAX players who are already in the trò chơi will be able to lớn access và play it as usual. The maintenance will be underway for only one hour tomorrow, so there won’t be too much disruption. Here is what lớn expect during the free Fire Max hệ thống maintenance on March 23rd.

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Unlock All free Fire Characters Through New liên kết System For Free

Free Fire is implementing a new liên kết System that allows you to unlock all không lấy phí Fire characters without diamonds. The new system allows players khổng lồ ‘link’ themselves khổng lồ a certain character. Here is how you can links characters:

Step 1: Select a character to liên kết with.

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You can also boost your progress bar by spending gold coins. Here is what else you can expect in the miễn phí Fire OB33 Update:

Free Fire Max hệ thống Maintenance

The vps maintenance is set to lớn go live on March 23rd, between 10:00 AM và 11:00 AM India time. However, some delays can be expected. The OB33 update will go live on all free Fire MAX servers tomorrow and add new features like a new links system, Steffie & A124 ability reworks, Rafael và Nikita"s buffs and a new G36 assault rifle. There will also be a few weapon balance chances và a brand new Clash Squad season. Chú ý that as part of the maintenance, the Supply Chest in the Hideout will also be temporarily closed.

Garena also included an important update for không lấy phí Fire players who use third tiệc ngọt platforms lớn update or tải về the game.