The article was professionally consulted by Doctor Nguyen thai Ngoc Chau - Department of Pediatrics - Neonatology, Phu Quoc International General Hospital.

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Baby sweating a lot is one of the very common cases, especially in babies. Most cases are normal, but this can also be a sign of a health problem that parents need to lớn be aware of.
Medically, the main purpose of sweating is lớn cool the body, and in children, the first day or night sweats are often due to the impact of objective factors such as weather, wearing pants. Too many clothes, too secret in the room... The phenomenon of head sweating in children will show signs of decreasing or completely disappearing when the child can self-regulate body temperature by coordinating the parasympathetic nervous system with the muscles. Other organs create a balance system for the body. Most children sweat a lot is a normal phenomenon, there is nothing to worry about, the cause of this condition can be: Because the nervous system has not been completed In terms of structure, the nervous system The human body toàn thân is an extremely complex network of cells và nerves, whose job is to lớn carry messages from the brain & spinal cord lớn other parts of the body toàn thân and vice versa, and to control body temperature. In infants, the nervous system is still not mature và fully developed, so it cannot help regulate the baby"s body toàn thân temperature like adults, thus causing the baby to sweat in the head. Due to lớn the location of sweat glands For adults, sweat glands are not restricted lớn any part of the body but for babies it is different, babies don"t have many sweat glands in the armpits, whereas The most active sweat glands are on the head, so if the baby sleeps in a secret environment, there is no ventilation or much activity, the head will sweat.
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Due to breastfeeding, the baby"s head sweat a lot while feeding is a very common phenomenon because when breastfeeding, the mother will keep the baby"s head in the same position for a certain time, so the arm will continuously transmit warmth. Khổng lồ the baby, causing the baby to lớn get hot and sweat more. Room temperature is too hot Not only babies but even adults are prone to lớn sweating when in a room that is too hot. Therefore, for newborns who cannot regulate their own body toàn thân temperature, it is understandable to lớn sweat their heads when in a high-temperature room. Not to lớn mention, some mothers are still afraid of their children being cold, so they always dress their children in thick clothes that cover the whole body toàn thân from head to toe & then cover them with extra blankets, which causes children lớn sweat a lot & have acne.
In addition to lớn some objective factors, a baby"s head sweating a lot or abnormal sweating is sometimes a warning sign of health problems, parents need lớn watch out for some cases such as: Children have problems with their health. Heart In the case that the child not only has a sweaty head while sleeping, but also sweats a lot while participating in simple activities, it is possible that the child is having a heart problem, possibly a congenital heart defect. The reason why you sweat a lot is because the heart has to lớn work harder to complete its job of pumping blood. Children with hyperhidrosis If the child is in a room with a cool, stable temperature và still sweats profusely, it is likely that the child has hyperhidrosis, although this condition is It can go away on its own when the child grows up, or parents can teach their child how khổng lồ control sweating to avoid affecting daily activities. Sleep apnea syndrome This can also be the cause of excessive sweating in the head, more common in premature babies, accompanied by wheezing, blue skin, this syndrome will make the baby difficult bear.
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Regarding the treatment options for sweating of the head in infants and young children, specialists suggest the following measures for parents: Need adequate vi-ta-min D supplementation for children. Keep the child"s body always cool, the bedroom is spacious & airy. Clean the child"s body toàn thân every row and fully replenish the water. Vì not let the child be afraid when sleeping & do not eat before sleeping. If the child sweats a lot on the head và back, it is recommended lớn use a soft towel to lớn wipe the sweat to help the child avoid catching a cold. For children to lớn use a reasonable diet with a variety of cool, sweet & nutritious vegetables & fruits. Children must be taken khổng lồ the doctor immediately when detecting abnormalities in the phenomenon of sweating in the child"s head. Although the phenomenon of head sweating in babies is quite common, if the baby sweats too much, it should not be taken lightly, but should take the child khổng lồ the hospital to lớn be checked to lớn rule out unwanted health problems. In Vietnam today, 7 out of 10 children under 5 years old have zinc deficiency và 8 pregnant women have zinc deficiency. The prevalence of zinc deficiency in pregnant women is 80.3%, women of childbearing age 63.6% và children under 5 years old is 69.4%. The most common manifestations of zinc deficiency in children are growth retardation, mild and moderate malnutrition, delayed growth in height, & some observable symptoms such as anorexia or decreased appetite, decreased suckling, và no meat. Fish, slow digestion, mild constipation, persistent nausea & vomiting in children. In addition lớn reasonable zinc supplementation, parents also need khổng lồ provide their children with other important vitamins và minerals such as lysine, chromium, B vitamins,... Resistance to minor illnesses and less digestive problems. Please visit the website regularly và update useful information lớn take care of your baby và family.