From police brutality khổng lồ COVID-19 lớn voter suppression, đen communities are under attack. We work to disrupt inequality, dismantle racism, và accelerate change in key areas including criminal justice, health care, education, climate, và the economy. When it comes to lớn civil rights and social justice, we have the unique ability to secure more wins than anyone else. Help make racial equity a reality.

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30%likelihood of a đen person to be stopped without just cause than a trắng person65%of black adults have felt targeted because of their race

Advocacy & Litigation

Fair & just representation for all by standing up for our rights in the courts và in CongressExplore Advocacy & Litigation
675kcalls made by volunteers to black voters in 202010battleground states reached during 2020 election year
10Xmore income made by trắng families than black families80%higher mortgage denial rate for Blacks applicants than trắng applicants
32%of black students lived in poverty in 201845%of black students attended high-poverty schools in fall 2017

Health và Well-being

An inclusive culture of health and equitable social health systemsExplore Health và Well-being
34%of COVID-19 deaths were among non-Hispanic black people3xBlack women are three times more likely lớn die from pregnancy-related causes

Environmental Climate Justice

An environmental, social, and economic revolutionExplore Environmental Climate Justice
68%of black Americans live or have lived within 30 miles of a coal-fired power nguồn plant over the past several decades60%of black Americans live in communities with uncontrolled toxic waste sites

Next Generation Leadership

Support for young leaders and change agentsExplore Next Generation Leadership
300kyoung people have participated in the ACT-SO Achievement Program40+years producing top black talent through ACT-SO
Each and every member makes a difference khổng lồ the complex, ongoing work of advancing racial equity. We have driven the hardest-fought wins for civil rights & social justice — with you by our side, we can accelerate the next milestones for black Americans.

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Join this multigenerational network of activists dismantling structural racism by using your power khổng lồ take action on the most pressing issues of our time.





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Make no mistake: There are many extraordinary đen women candidates who could serve on Supreme Court. This is the time khổng lồ lift them up và celebrate their careers & contributions. The entire nation is watching. #JusticeForAll helps you understand your rights, stand up for those rights, and take action on the issues that matter to you.








Change isn"t a sprint, it"s a marathon. I am grateful lớn for always striving to be the catalyst that drives a better, more inclusive version of our society.