Merzy Bite The Beat Mellow Tint M5

Evoke film-noir glamor by indulging in this lip tint collection, which comes in a moody deep red palette.

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The soft, marshmallow-like texture glides easily onto lips và adheres perfectly to create a highly-pigmented, long-lasting pure matte finish.

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MERZY Bite The Beat Mellow Tint Hey Candy M5 4g


A lip tint with a collection of deep red colors delivers moody lips in a matte finish.

The soft texture lượt thích marshmallow glides on the lips evenly.

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The pigment with high adherence enables long-wearing lip makeup with a vivid màu sắc payoff.

How khổng lồ use

Apply from the inner lips khổng lồ outer lips evenly.


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