Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 33 Sneakers For Men

The Look

Other reviewers noted that these shoes were one of the best looking shoes on the market và that is something that I firmly believe sầu as well. These kicks are what the kids nowadays would Hotline “fresh."

These shoes are stylish while offering great performance at the same time. These shoes come in a variety of color options including Black/White, Grey/Blue, & Multi-colored (yellow và pink for the most part) lớn name a few.

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There are over 12 various color options to choose from, so there are most likely going lớn be shoes that will please everyone! I own a pair that is classified as Multi-colored (yellow/pink), and I love sầu the bright colors so far.

They also catch a lot of eyes as I have received an incredible number of compliments on them so far. If they don’t please you based on their color & looks, they will please you with their performance.


The Fit

For me, I love the fit since they are snug thanks to the padded tongue và the collar of these shoes. The upper provides a multitude of benefits.

Itincorporates the Flywire cord base lacing that keeps the foot locked in place & also provided breathability. The upper also dries fairly quiông chồng according khổng lồ certain others, và I feel the same way.

Some reviewers complained about the narrower toe box, but I haven’t had any issues with it being narrow, & I have wide feet.


The Feel

Many other reviewers noted that the Pegasus 33 was very comfortable và I concur with that! However, others complained that it was stiffer than previous models, but I haven’t felt it.

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Comfort is something that is never lost in the Pegasus line, và that isn’t any different in this mã sản phẩm either.

These shoes provide an extra bounce lớn every step due to lớn the newly updated Air Zoom unit. So far, I have experienced a smooth ride after a smooth ride, and I love them!


These shoes offer an incredibly smooth and comfortable ride that can be used for all sorts of activities.

These shoes have multiple points that work together to loông chồng down your feet and keep your ankles from slipping allowing for a secure ride. They offer nice traction & allow for breathability.


On the other hvà, however, they vì chưng run heavier than previous models, and the toe box tends to be on the narrower side of the spectrum. Some tended khổng lồ say that it is stiffer than before as well.


I have sầu worn the Nike Pegasus line since the 29 came out và used these ever since.

My personal favorite of the models I have sầu worn was definitely the Pegasus 30 since that was an incredibly smooth/comfortable ride, locked the feet in place, came in a variety of widths, và truly felt soft underfoot.

The Pegasus 33 would be tied for my second favorite with the Pegasus 29 since they both have sầu their perks & downfalls, but these are great shoes if you are looking for something snazzy, reasonably priced, and comfortable for all activities!