Adidas Stan Smith Updt "Black & White"

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adidas Originals Stan SmithMen's•White/Green/BlackSale, Price reduced from $90.00 khổng lồ $59.99$59.99$90.00
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It takes a special kind of sneaker to stand for decades as one of the world’s most popular casual shoes. Nearly unrivaled in enduring popularity, the adidas Stan Smith long stood in the pantheon of other iconic adidas sneakers like the Superstar. Everyone from Kanye West to Prince George has been seen rocking a pair. So many different generations have adopted the Stan Smith as a fashion symbol, và if it isn’t obvious why, take a look at the legendary shoe’s design.

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Quiet Confidence

A major reason the Stan Smith is so timeless is its understated, simple design. Despite the basic design, the shoe was considered fairly bold và innovative when it was first released in its earliest form for being a leather tennis shoe with minimal adidas branding. Instead of the recognizable 3-Stripes, the Stan Smith features three rows of perforations, giving the upper a subtler look that encapsulates the high-class athletics of tennis culture.

Needing a spokesman who represented the best tennis had to offer, adidas reached out to lớn Stan Smith. A cool, calm, và collected rising star, Stan Smith enjoyed countless on-court victories throughout his hall of fame career. Stan Smith continues to be closely involved in his sneaker line lớn this day, grateful for the shoe’s contributions to his legacy.

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After adding the green padded heel và Stan Smith’s likeness on the tongue, the kiến thiết of the shoe has changed little over the past 40 years. Lượt thích adidas’ own Superstar, the design of the Stan Smith is as clean as it is timeless. Through countless collabs và millions of pairs sold, the Stan Smiths have confidently maintained their identity. The Stan Smiths show no signs of slowing down & will continue to lớn be a sneaker that’s handed down from generation khổng lồ generation.

Point, Set, Match

If you’re interested in picking up a pair but are wondering what khổng lồ wear it with, fear not. The classic trắng sneaker goes well with nearly any style. If you want khổng lồ double down on the athletic-mixed-with-casual-fashion look that’s so popular, adidas has released several lines of matching apparel. From high fashion to lớn casual fits, the Stan Smith is a timeless, versatile shoe that has more than earned its place as one of history’s most important sneakers.