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Last Thursday, Starbucks opened the doors to lớn their second location in Saigon (and Vietnam), just 6 months after the company arrived in the Vietnamese market.

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According to Patricia Marques, general manager of Coffee Concepts Viet Nam, a subsidiary of Hong Kong Maxim"s Group which operates Starbucks in Vietnam:

"Our customers in hcm City have extended a very warm welcome khổng lồ us over the last six months và we are thrilled to mở cửa our second store in the city."

The new location is at the corner of nam giới Ky Khoi Nghia and Nguyen Du in District 1.

Marques went on to lớn say that the company is expanding conservatively but plans to xuất hiện a additional locations in Saigon và other provinces in the near future.

Based on the mixed reaction from our readers when the first store opened, this news is sure to lớn make some smile & others shake their fists lớn the sky.

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