Taylor Swift và Harry Styles' songs about each other unveiled. Picture: Getty/PA
Taylor Swift is now dating British actor, Joe Alwyn. Picture: pa

The most recent rumour is that Harry could be featured on a tuy nhiên with Tay (from before their split) that could be shared with the world upon her upcoming album release.

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It could be far-fetched but we’re still manifesting it!

But when exactly did Harry & Taylor date? Why did they split and how many songs have they written about each other?

Let’s take a look at all the deets you need to lớn know…

Harry Styles and Taylor Swift dated from 2012-2013. Picture: Getty

When did Harry Styles and Taylor Swift date?

The pair are thought lớn have met & started dating around November 2012, with a picture of Harry và Taylor strolling around Central Park going viral the following month.

Why & when did Harry Styles và Taylor Swift split?

They only dated for a few short months and called it quits in early 2013, during a New Year’s holiday in the British Virgin Islands.

The couple had jetted off on holiday to spend time together after spending Christmas apart, but an alleged argument led them to lớn cut their quality time short, with Taylor flying back to the US alone just three days later.

Harry continued to stay on holiday for a while longer before news broke that they had called time on their short-lived relationship.

Harry Styles was linked to Taylor Swift when he was 18 years old. Picture: page authority
Taylor Swift was in a relationship with Harry Styles in 2012. Picture: page authority

Which songs has Taylor Swift written about Harry Styles?

It is thought that Taylor’s tracks ‘Style’, ‘Out of the Woods’ and ‘Cardigan’ are penned about her 1D ex.

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In ‘Style’, along with the obvious name comparison, her lyrics alluded khổng lồ Haz’s appearance, as she sang: “You've got that long hair slick back, white t-shirt, và I got that good girl faith and a tight little skirt”.

‘Out of the Woods’ makes reference to lớn the famous aeroplane necklace that was worn by both of the stars at the time of their romance.

Meanwhile, Tay’s ‘Cardigan’ music clip drew on very similar visuals to lớn Harry’s ‘Falling’.

Some fans also think ‘I Knew You Were Trouble’ was written about Haz as it was released not long after their split.