The new season of Fear The Walking Dead is just a little over a month away, so AMC has released a trailer to provide a look into the new episodes and what fans can expect to see when the show returns in October — aside from, of course, lots of zombies. The show is a long-running spin-off of the hit series The Walking Dead, which is currently airing the first part of its final season. In both stories, people try to find ways to survive a zombie apocalypse while struggling to keep the fabric of society together.

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Season 7 of Fear The Walking Dead is a story of new beginnings, as a detonation of a nuclear warhead will transform the post-apocalyptic scenario into an even more dangerous territory, and survivors will have to learn how to navigate through this new world all over again. As the air is now toxic, zombies are no longer the only deadly factor that threatens the existence of whoever’s left.

fear-the-walking-dead-colman-domingo Image via AMC
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In the trailer, the post-nuke scenery gives Fear The Walking Dead a new look, with people running around in gas masks through an even more devastated landscape. And the big question for the remaining survivors is: now what? The trailer also reveals that actor and director Aisha Tyler, who directed Episode 13 in Season 6, will appear in this upcoming season.

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Fear The Walking Dead started off as a prequel series for The Walking Dead, but now it shares a timeline with the original popular show. It was created by Robert Kirkman and Dave Erickson. The current showrunners are Andrew Chambliss (Dollhouse) and Ian Goldberg (Once Upon a Time). The Walking Dead Universe is also populated by The Walking Dead: World Beyond, the announced anthology series Tales of the Walking Dead, and an upcoming untitled spin-off with fan-favorites Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) and Carol Peletier (Melissa McBride). Stand-alone feature films starring Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) were also announced by AMC.

Fear the Walking Dead premieres on AMC on October 17. On AMC+, however, new episodes will be released a week early, starting on October 10. Check out the trailer for Fear the Walking Dead's seventh season below.

Here is the official synopsis for Fear the Walking Dead Season 7:

Teddy (John Glover) brought about his vision of "The End" when he detonated nuclear warheads across the Texas landscape, but it will be up to those who survived to decide what "The Beginning" will look like. And they'll have to do it in a world devoid of light and hope, where the outside air is just as deadly as the walkers they face. The survivors will find out who they really are and what they're really made of. Some will rise to the occasion, some will find new purpose, and some will redefine themselves -- even if it comes at a terrible cost to those they once considered family.

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