Vietnam u23 vs malaysia u23 live score, h2h and lineups

The 2022 AFC U-23 Asian Cup will be the fifth edition of the biennial tournament. As the name suggests it is an age-group tournament & only players who are born after January 1, 1999, can take part.

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It was previously known as the AFC U-23 Championship but from this edition, it will be known as the AFC U-23 Asian Cup.The qualification round of the main event is set to lớn start on October 23. 42 teams will be participating in the qualification round.

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23 teams fromWest Asia,Central AsiaandSouth Asia, were drawn into five groups of four and there is another group which has three participants. Meanwhile, 19 teams from ASEAN và Northeast Asia were drawn into four groups of four và there is one group with three teams. However, in Group G there are currently only two participants as Bruneiand Chinawithdrew on September 3 và October 11.

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Let us take a look at the groups in detail.

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