Anytime Harry Styles goes khổng lồ dinner, takes a pic, or even just stands next khổng lồ a girl, the dating rumors instantly start flying. So obvs, tons of celebs have been caught in the dating-Harry-Styles rumor mill & had to khuyễn mãi giảm giá with unhappy Harry stans as a result. But we can all breathe easy, because here are some of the celebrities that Harry hasn"t dated, but everyone thought he did.

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1. Mystery Girl of December 2014

Harry Styles has a history of getting a girlfriend right around the holidays. In 2012, it was Taylor Swift. In 2013, it was Kendall Jenner. So in December 2014, Harry fans freaked the freak out when they saw this pic of Harry walking with a mystery girl in London, và maybe holding hands.

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2. Katy Perry

After daring to lớn arrive và leave a restaurant at the same time, Harry Styles & Katy Perry were rumored to be dating. Now, no one knows what happened in that restaurant, but the rumors of a feud between Katy & Harry"s ex, Taylor Swift, only fueled the dating rumors. But seeing as Katy played a major hand in creating One Direction (she was the final vote that allowed cutie Niall Horan khổng lồ compete on The X Factor: UK), it"s not that strange that Harry would grab some dinner with Katy as just friends.

3. Daniella Monet

After being spotted leaving a Coldplay concert together, fans speculated that Harry và the Victorious star, Daniella Monet, were dating.

4. Ariana Grande

When it was announced that Harry had written a love tuy nhiên called "A Little Bit Of Your Heart" for Ariana, everyone assumed that the tuy nhiên must be about Ariana—but they were totes confused. Let"s make it perfectly clear: the song was written for Ariana"s album My Everything, not about her. Ariana mix the record straight about the dating rumors, telling the Australian radio show Smallzy"s Surgery, "He is a very, very, very nice boy but I"m not like... He"s just a nice friend."

5. Cara Delevingne

After they were spotted going to see the Book of Mormon together in London a few years back, rumors flew that Harry was dating supermodel Cara Delevingne. When Harry attended a Burberry fashion show Cara was walking in & MTV News UK asked him, "Are you looking forward to lớn seeing your girl Cara walking down the runway?" Harry shut the rumors, replying, "She"s not my girl! I know what you"re doing." Another Harry girlfriend rumor squashed by the man himself.

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6. Lou Teasdale

Lou Teasdale was One Direction"s hairstylist since the very beginning, so it"s pretty obvious she"s super close with all the 1D boys, like, helloooo:

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But when Harry was spotted giving a clearly upset Cher a hug, everyone thought it looked lượt thích Harry & Cher were a little more than friends. Harry denied the rumors khổng lồ Heat magazine, saying, "If anyone talks to lớn anyone on The X Factor, they"re immediately dating." She prob just needed a shoulder to cry on after getting torn apart by Simon Cowell và Harry totes understood the feeling (X Factor probs).

8. Asami Zdrenka

When Harry took a pic backstage with girl band Neon Jungle thành viên Asami at the Brit Awards few years ago, everyone immediately freaked out.

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BUT THEY DID NOT DATE. Asami was actually a huge tín đồ of 1D before she even joined Neon Jungle so when she saw him at the Brit Awards, she had lớn get a pic with him. She didn"t expect the crazy dating rumors khổng lồ follow though, and set the record straight, telling Entertainment Wise, "He"s a cool dude but nothing"s going on. We"re not even friends. We"re not in tương tác with each other. Literally, I"ve met him a few times and he"s a cool dude." But don"t get it twisted—Asami isn"t above admitting she"d totes go on a date with Harry if he asked. "Of course I would, yeah," she said when asked if she"d date Harry. "It"s Harry Styles và I"m a big Directioner."


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