The Nvidia GeForce 930MX is an entry-level DirectX 12 graphics thẻ for laptops that was announced in the first quarter of 2016. It is the refresh of the GeForce 930M và now supports GDDR5 graphics memory. It is based on the same GM108 chip and may feature slightly increased clock rates.Bạn sẽ xem: Nvidia geforce 930mx đánh giá

The performance will depend on the used graphics memory. With fast GDDR5 it should be similar or slightly faster than theMaxwell GPU in the Surface Book. With DDR3 it performs be somewhere between the old 930M & 940M. That means that only non demanding games of 2017 run fluently (in lowest detail settings) on the GeForce 930M. Games with low demands lượt thích Dota 2 or Path of Exile should run in higher detail settings và resolution.

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The nguồn consumption should be quite similar to the 930M and 940M and therefore also suited for smaller laptops.

NVIDIA GeForce 930M

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TheNVIDIA GeForce 930M(sometimes also called Nvidia GeForce GT 930M) is a (lower) mid-range, DirectX 11-compatible graphics card for laptops unveiled in March 2015. It is based on the last years GeForce 840M. In addition khổng lồ the "normal" 25 Watt 930M, there is also a low nguồn variant with a TDP of 12 Watt and tư vấn for DDR3 và GDDR5. The DDR3 variant should be approximately 10% slower than the 25 Watt version. The performance of the GDDR5 version is still unknown. The shader count for these low power 930M are also unknown. As the LP version is clocked only at 457 MHz + Boost it may feature more shaders (or a high Boost).

Update: The N16S-LP variant (5-12 Watt TDP, Low power nguồn version?) will be available with GDDR5 starting in the first quarter of 2016. Later in 2016, the successor named GeForce 930MX was released that was available with GDDR5.


Compared lớn Kepler, Maxwell has been optimized in several details to increase power nguồn efficiency. Smaller Streaming Multiprocessors (SMM) with only 128 ALUs (Kepler: 192) & an optimized scheduler should lead to lớn better utilization of the shaders.Nvidia promises that a Maxwell SMM with 128 ALUs can offer 90 percent of the performance of a Kepler SMX with 192 ALUs.The 930M should feature the full GM108 with 3 SMMs (384 shader cores, 24 TMUs, and 8 ROPs due to lớn the 64-bit interface).

Similar khổng lồ GM107, the GM108 supports DirectX 12 with Feature cấp độ 11_0 only.

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The performance should be a bit below an average GeForce 840M due to lớn the slower core clock. This means that demanding games like Evolve are only playable in lowest settings. Less demanding games like F1 2014 or Fifa 15 on the other hand should run in highest settings. See gaming benchmarks below for more details.


GM108 integrates the sixth generation of the PureVideo HD clip engine (VP6), offering a better decoding performance for H.264 và MPEG-2 videos. Of course, VP6 supports all features of previous generations (4K support, PIP, clip encoding via NVENC API).Unfortunately,HDMI 2.0 is still not supported.

Power Consumption

The nguồn consumption of the GeForce 930M should be about 33 Watts or less. Therefore, the 930M is best suited for laptops 13 inches in form size or larger. The 900M series also supportsOptimusto automatically switch between an integrated graphics card và the Nvidia GPU.

NVIDIA GeForce 930MXNVIDIA GeForce 930M
GeForce 900M SeriesGeForce 945M 512 2000 MHz
Maxwell GPU (940M, GDDR5) 384 5012 MHz
GeForce 940MX 384 4000 MHz
GeForce 940M 384 1800 MHz
GeForce 920MX 256 2000 MHz
CodenameN16S-GMRN16S-GM-B/S, N16S-LPArchitectureMaxwellMaxwellPipelines384 - unified384 - unifiedCore Speed952 - 1020 (Boost) MHz928 - 941 (Boost) MHzMemory Speed2000 MHz1800 MHzMemory Bus Width64 Bit64 BitMemory TypeGDDR5, DDR3DDR3Shared MemorynonoDirectXDirectX 12 (FL 11_0), Shader 5.0DirectX 12 (FL 11_0), Shader 5.0technology28 nm28 nmFeaturesGPU Boost 2.0, Optimus, PhysX, CUDA,GeForce ExperienceGPU Boost 2.0, Optimus, PhysX, CUDA, GeForce Experience, GameWorksDate of Announcement10.03.2016 12.03.2015 Link to lớn Manufacturer Pagehttp://www.geforce.com/hardware/notebook...http://www.geforce.com/hardware/notebook...Max. Amount of Memory2048 MB