Step-by-step instructions for renewing your expired domainTo renew your tên miền name, you will need to log into your web hosting Control Panel. You can vị so, using the Renew button above. If you vị not remember your password, you can retrieve it using our Lost Password function.Once you are logged inside, go to the Registered Domains section of the My Domains menu. In there, you will see all the domains that have been registered or transferred khổng lồ your account. Browse to lớn the tên miền you wish lớn renew and mark the checkbox next to it. You can now use the Renew button from the actions toolbar at the top.This will start the domain renewal process - simply follow the steps in order to complete the transaction. Domain name renewals are usually processed within the hour.

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Shared Hostingstarting from $5.00/mo

Our ZFS–driven shared hosting platform provides the best in protection against data corruption & loss và optimum security for your websites. A ModSecurity firewall application will keep hackers away from your sites.

OpenVZ VPS Hostingstarting from $6.00/mo

With our OpenVZ VPS Hosting offers you get Guaranteed CPU allocations & SSD storage. We offer a group of website accelerators lớn speed up your website sites, bundled in our không lấy phí hosting Control Panel.

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KVM VPS Hostingstarting from $6.00/mo

Complete root access, hardware-assisted CPU access & SSD storage with all Linux KVM VPS Hosting packages. You are able lớn choose the server's Operating System.

Semi-dedicated Hostingstarting from $20.00/mo

The hosting server allocations your demanding sites need at a price you can afford. The offer includes an easy–to–use Control Panel that simplifies handling your semi-dedicated hosting.

Dedicated Hostingstarting from $40.00/mo

There are no limitations as lớn what you can bởi when you control the unlimited nguồn of one of our dedicated hosting packages. You'll get 1 completely free dedicated IP.