Older budget điện thoại htc devices are also getting great developer support. This can be said as htc One E8/Dual (codename: e8/e8d) has now been updated to android 11 via unofficial Lineage OS 18.1 Custom ROM.

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As mentioned, among all the aftermarket firmware, Lineage OS is the best one when it comes to performance, stability, & fully-featured Custom ROM. Thanks lớn Xda developer/uploader tarkzim, và the Lineage OS Team for this latest ROM.

The htc One E8/Dual is a very old device. It was released in 2014 with app android 4.4 kitkat và after nearly 7 years, the device has been updated to apk 11 via Custom ROMs which is insane và shows how awesome the game android developer community is.

Lineage OS 18.1 Features

LineageOS is a free, community-built, aftermarket firmware distribution of android 11, which is designed khổng lồ increase performance và reliability over stock game android for your device. LineageOS is based on the Android mở cửa Source Project with extra contributions from many people within the game android community.

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It can be used without any need to lớn have any Google application installed. Linked below is a package that has come from another game android project that restores the Google parts. LineageOS does still include various hardware-specific code, which is also slowly being open-sourced anyway.

So, the app android 11-based Lineage OS 18.1 firmware offers all the useful & popular features like the Conversation Notification, One-Time ứng dụng Permissions, Notification History, Chat Bubbles, Built-in Screen Recording, Improved media Player, Smart Reply, New power nguồn Menu, Scoped Storage, Wireless ADB, pin sạc Apps to tóm tắt sheet, & more.

Scheduled Dark ModeSmart Reply và Smart FoldersImproved app SuggestionsConversations NotificationBuilt-in Screen RecordingPin Apps lớn Sharing MenuImproved Voice Access (Accessibility)Bluetooth Active in Airplane ModeImproved Peyeulcy và Security FeaturesA New nguồn MenuRedesigned Device ControlsRedesigned Music ControlOne-Time phầm mềm PermissionsPermissions Auto-ResetChat BubblesNotification HistoryWireless android AutoGoogle Play System Update (Security Patch)Talkback braille keyboardImproved Lookout ModeImproved Camera features (Bokeh Mode, Built-in HAL, & Camera2 API support)Enhanced Digital WellbeingImproved Enterprise ModeImproved Autofill Keyboard SuggestionsNearby ShareScoped StorageResume on RebootBlocked PermissionsSoft RebootBackground LocationImproved gọi Screening (Identify Spams)Picture-in-picture mode5G detection APIHinge angle sensor supportEthernet tetheringGesture sensitivity

What is working và What’s not?


BootWiFiHotspot (2.4Ghz / 5Ghz)BluetoothAudio PlaybackCamera/Camcorder (Front flash is working)Camera ButtonDT2WRIL (LTE/CALL/SMS)FM RadioGNSS GPSNFCUSB (ADB)SensorsTouch

Known issues:

FM RadioHardware EncryptionSELinux is PermissiveYou tell me.Inform the dev if you find any

Download/Install Lineage OS 18.1 on smartphone htc One E8/Dual (Android 11)


Next flash the Gapps file like custom ROMsLast but not least, flash Magisk (optional) if you want to lớn root (not recommended as all devices have different methods)

Once the flashing process is completed, reboot your smartphone htc One E8/Dual & you will be booted into Lineage OS 18.1 ROM Based on apk 11. If you have any doubts regarding this process, feel không lấy phí to phản hồi below.