The new update of Rules Of Survival has provided more Vietnamese language, making it easier for players in Vietnam lớn play games.

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Rules Of Survival as a survival shooter game not only created a fever in the world, but in Vietphái mạnh, the game also possessed a huge number of fans. Therefore, in the lakiểm tra update, the manufacturer has added some new languages ​​khổng lồ the game including Vietnamese.

Accordingly, players will be selected Vietnamese in the language settings section for Rules Of Survival for both the Rules of Survival PC and the sản phẩm điện thoại version. The switch to Vietnamese language when playing games will be useful for some players, when they are not familiar with the interface in English. If so, you can change the language on Rules Of Survival lớn Vietnamese according to lớn the article below.

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Instructions for playing Rules Of Survival game in Vietnamese

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Step 1:

mở cửa the game on the device, then at the interface cliông xã on the Language item as shown below.


Step 2:

In the các mục that the system provides, click on Vietnamese & then click OK to lớn agree.


Step 3:

The system will ask whether the user is sure lớn restart the game and change the language to lớn Vietnamese, clichồng OK khổng lồ agree. If the user has just downloaded the Rules Of Survival game, the interface will automatically switch khổng lồ Vietnamese, if you are in Vietnam.

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Step 4:

After restarting the game we will see the interface of the game is changed khổng lồ Vietnamese language.


In general, all options or commands on Rules of Survival are fairly accurate, suitable for new players who can easily get used lớn the interface, making quick options.


We can kiểm tra out some other interfaces in the game such as the costume section. Some types of costumes will be kept in English names to lớn ensure the correct meaning, or the original name is the same. Some of the rest will be language translation systems.


Gun parts with some players when switching to lớn Vietnamese language will help you better, because you will know what is the rifle, what is the sniper rifle, . are the necessary weapons for the battle in Rules Of Survival.


Switching lớn Vietnamese language on Rules Of Survival will bring some convenience for new players, to be able to lớn familiarize with the necessary accessories and customizations in the game. If you want to switch khổng lồ English language, follow the steps above.

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