Sony is not going khổng lồ release the Google’s official game android firmware update for its old flagship phone, Xperia SP due lớn insufficient RAM & other specification to lớn run the Android 6.0 Marshmallow firmware. But don’t worry you can still taste the latest android M features, thanks lớn CyanogenMod 13 ROM which is based on AOSP app android 6.0 Marshmallow.

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CyanogenMod ROMs are popular among the apk market for its better performance và stability. So the compatible CM13 built is available for the Sony Xperia SP & if you are interested then can enjoy the app android M experience on your device without waiting for the not coming OTA release.

Keep in mind that this ROM is in its early stages, actually this ROM is not released by CyanogenMod team but has been ported by xda-developers và you might face some not functioning features or minor bugs but many users have tested this ROM và according to them; this ROM is fully functional with a few minor bugs lớn be fixed, so you can safely use this game android 6.0 Marshmallow firmware as a daily driver.

Additionally, this pure CM13 ROM is based on AOSP game android 6.0 Marshmallow and any extra UI are not added by carriers or by OEM. Ready khổng lồ get app android 6.0 Marshmallow on your Xperia SP? Go ahead và follow the given guide to install the new centimet 13 apk M firmware for better and faster android experience with improved battery life. In this guide you’ll be required a custom recovery like CWM or TWRP in order to flash the ROM và Google Apps .zip files on your device.


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4Required Files:
5Steps khổng lồ Update Sony Xperia SP to lớn Unofficial CyanogenMod 13 apk 6.0 Marshmallow Custom ROM:


This guide containing CM13 game android 6.0 Marshmallow custom ROM is working with Sony Xperia SP only. Verify device model number of your device by navigating lớn Settings > About Phone.

Warning: will not be held responsible for any kind of damage occurred khổng lồ your Sony Xperia SP during or after the installation of this CM13 game android 6.0 Marshmallow custom ROM. You will đại bại the warranty of your device by flashing this software. Proceed at your own risk.


Take a complete backup of all your data và setting on your phone lượt thích contacts, hotline logs, SMS, MMS, mạng internet settings, installed apps, photos và audio/videos files etc.Turn OFF the Antivirus and other security features from your computer to avoid unexpected issues while downloading the firmware and installation.Enable USB Debugging option on your Xperia SP by navigating to lớn Settings – Developer Options.(Note:- Go to Settings – About Phone và tap on Built Number for a few times to enable Developer Options)The battery cấp độ of your Xperia SP should be at least about 70% before proceeding khổng lồ the installation guide.The Xperia SP device should be rooted with the latest version of a custom recovery pre-installed.

Required Files:

Steps to Update Sony Xperia SP khổng lồ Unofficial CyanogenMod 13 app android 6.0 Marshmallow Custom ROM:

1:- First, download the CyanogenMod 13 apk 6.0 Marshmallow custom ROM ( from the above links on the desktop of your PC. (Do not extract)

2:- Now connect your Xperia SP to PC using its USB data cable & mount the Memory Storage of the phone.

3:- Copy/paste the Android 6.0 Marshmallow custom ROM .zip file to the root thư mục of your SD card on the phone.

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4:- Disconnect the device from the PC and boot into Recovery Mode .

5:- While your device is now recovery mode, perform a full data wipe by selecting wipe data/factory reset, wipe cache partition and wipe dalvik cache.

Note:- Wipe Dalvik Cache will help you lớn prevent boot loops and issues related to ROM while installation.

6:- Next, navigate khổng lồ the main menu of Recovery and choose install zip from sdcard > choose zip from sdcard. Find the ROM .zip tệp tin that you’ve already transferred khổng lồ the SD card of your phone in Step No 3. Just select it & confirm the installation of CM13 game android 6.0 Marshmallow ROM file to begin.

7:- Install Google Apps Package by repeating the above steps on your Xperia SP.

8:- After flashing the ROM on the phone successfully, reboot it by selecting reboot system now.

Your device may take some time to lớn boot for the first time after the installation. So be patient and wait for the process to lớn be completed.

That’s All! You’ve successfully installed the Android 6.0 Marshmallow Custom ROM on Xperia SP.

Tell us in the comments area below if you have any query or problem while installing the latest unofficial CM13 game android M software on your Xperia SP.