We make LED work for you. Proud & passionate about what we do, we are solution driven lớn deliver our clients và users the best possible LED products. Having earned a solid track record, delivering state-of-the art products and services, ROE Visual is recognized as the industry standard. Offering optimum freedom to create great visuals, we mô tả our passion khổng lồ deliver a great performance.

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Coral, fine pitch COB LED panel for unparalleled visuals, is an exceptional LED panel platform designed for permanent installations.


đen Pearl

Black Pearl is a high-performance, broadcast grade, HD-LED display for indoor applications. Black Onyx offers cutting=edge LED design & technology.



Opal is a versatile LED platform conceptualized to aid designers in creating inventive displays.



The Ruby LED panels are a new generation of LED panels equipped with beneficial features from build to lớn performance.


Black Quartz

The đen Quartz combines a small pitch LED panel with an integrated wind-bracing system.


Excellent brightness, high chất lượng black or white LED và a low selfweight make the Carbon series LED panels the perfect solution for touring or sports events.

ROE Visual’s Red Dot award-winning đen Marble high-end floor panel brings creativity lớn your feet.

Opal is a versatile LED platform conceptualized khổng lồ aid designers in creating inventive displays. Take your creativity where it leads you.

Virtual Production and Film

Join the revolution. Create immersive and dynamic sets for Film và TV using LED panels.

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Fixed Install

A line of dedicated LED products for AV Integration and permanent installations in retail, hospitality or corporate markets.

Touring & Festivals

Make lasting impact. LED panels from ROE Visual maximize the visual experience for your audience.

Theatrical Productions

Create Emotions. Superior LED screens that will bring your production khổng lồ stage in an unforgettable setting.

Sports và eSports

Capture the moment. Live sports events, e-sports & games come to lớn live with LED.


Immersive Broadcast Productions. Solutions for stunning LED displays for news studios khổng lồ creative mix design for TV productions.


Next-level corporate branding. Capture the audience attention and visualise your brand message.


Add WOW lớn your store. LED solutions to create immersive và interactive customer experiences in your retail environment.


Take hospitality one step further. Create enhanced experiences with LED screens for branding, guest information, signage and product promotion.


Modular LED solutions. Eye catching, modular & easy to lớn build large display walls that create seamless visuals or immersive experiences.

CT and ROE Visual go a long way. They are not merely a supplier; they are a true partner. It"s in knowing what products lớn develop that work for us in daily practice. They make the difference.