Trang Khieu - Winner of Vietnam"s Next Top Model cycle 1.The winner whofinally shine at the kết thúc of the competition. Trang Khieu maybe it"s not your pre-select winner or maybe not your favorite contestant at the first.In the North Regional audition week, she first appeared and became a joke for the judges & the entire audience when she appeared in a corny manner và performed a Chinese song.However, her"s ideal height with pure Asian beauty convinced the jury lớn give her a chance lớn enter the competition.

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From the beginning, Khieu had a problem with other contestant but i think it"s not her fault. In the first week of the competition, Khieu was in the bottom two & save sầu by the judges.Trang Khieu"s relentless efforts earned her points in the hearts of the judges.The judges likened her lớn a raw gem that needed khổng lồ be honed khổng lồ shine.The praise from the jury unintentionally created a jealousy for other candidates, typically Diep Anh.Given that the jury is biased towards Huyen Trang, Diep Anh is angry và even intends to lớn quit the competition.Sharing the same opinion with Diep Anh also has Tuyet Lan when she thinks that Khieu is not trying lượt thích everyone else. But with her hard work along the competition,Khieu"s efforts are more và more pronounced when she named the best picture for two consecutive weeks và never been in the bottom 2 again since the top 18.

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After VNTM, she"s working hard và proveing she"s the deserving winner,She won theBest ModelAsiaAward at Best Model Of The World 2011 andAsian StarModel at the 2015 Asia Festival Model Awards inKorea.In năm 2016, she signed a contract with Why Not Models Management - one of the top famous mã sản phẩm management companies inMilan.In addition lớn being one of the rare Vietnamese models appearing regularly on world-class catwalks,Trang Khieu is also known as one of the typical third generation models (2010 period. –2020) pioneering the movement khổng lồ reach the great seas of Vietphái nam.Therefore, she is often considered one of themost successful & cult9X generationVietnamese modelsbesidesHoang Thuy,Tuyet Lan, Thuy Trang and Kha My Van.

Trang Khieuis one of the few Vietnamese models striding on the international marketat fashion weeks in theUKvà Italy such asAdidas,Roberlớn Cavalli, Marcelo Burlon County, Mason"s, Carrie - Ann Stein, Hiroko Nakajima, George Styler, Liz Black ... & are also frequently chosen as the covers for Vietnamesefashion magazines, such as Elle Vietphái mạnh, Harper"s Bazaar Vietphái nam, Dep Magazine, L"Officiel Vietphái nam Men, Business Women (Business Woman Magazine), The World of Youth (Her World), F Fashion, Golf và Life Magazine.