This article describes how to lớn configure a site-to-site VPN on an UniFi Security Gateway (any model: USG và USG-PRO-4) and a Draytek Router (any Vigor series) on Manual IPSec.

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The configuring in this article is worked on- UniFi USG v. and- Draytek Vigor 2210 v. the firmware may not guarantee VPN khổng lồ continue working.

This demonstration assumes we have WAN và LAN IP addresses on both devices as below picture.



Unifi USG

Configuring a site-to-site VPN in the UniFi Network Controller can be done in Settings > Networks > Create New Network. Then set up the network as below picture. (Change configuration as a highlight)


Don’t forget to chú ý down Pre-Shared Key as we need to lớn use it again when configuring Draytek Router.

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Draytek Vigor

You need to Enable IPSec before configuring a site-to-site VPN by goto VPN và Access Control > Remote Access Control. Then Enable IPSec VPN Service as shown in the below picture.


Next Step. Configuring a site-to-site VPN in the Draytek Router can be done in VPN và Remote Access> LAN khổng lồ LAN > Select an Empty Index. Then set up the profile as below picture. (Change configuration as a highlight)


Before clicking “OK” button, click “Advanced” button in 2. Dial-Out Settings section. Then mix up the IKE advanced settings as below picture. (Change configuration as a highlight)

Establish the VPN Connection

Normally, when either side tries to communicate with another (for example, ping to lớn and vice versa). The IPSec tunnel will be established.

But Draytek provides easy to lớn establish và monitor VPN connections. To lớn establish the site-to-site VPN connection from Draytek goto VPN and Remote Access> Connection Management > Click Dial button. Wait for about 10 seconds, you will see the connection established like below picture.

Side Notes:Configuring both dial-in and dial-out on Draytek router will create 2 tunnels instead of 1. This doesn’t interrupt from working. But since Draytek Vigor 2110 supports up khổng lồ only 2 VPN connections, this prevents me to lớn log in remotely using roaming VPN.On Unifi Controller, you can địa chỉ cửa hàng a VPNs widget to lớn your own dashboard khổng lồ see VPN connection status like the below picture.